5 Signs That Suggest Your Ex-Girl Still Wants You Back

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Published: 22nd October 2012
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Did you lately breakup with your sweetheart? Are you finding it hard admitting that she is gone? Is it still difficult admitting that this was once a girl who could not go on without you, but is gone right now? Are you currently thinking about trying to win back your ex-girlfriend or do you lack the courage and knowledge to win her back?

Fortunately, the chances of your getting your ex-girlfriend back are alive and well although it all depends on you. Your chances just got better if she is in any way displaying any of the following signs which generally indicate that she still has an interest in getting back together with you. All you now need to do is to be tactful in how you handle the situation as you try to win her back for good.

1. Constantly tries to keep in touch
Is she frequently calling, sending texts or mailing you to check up on how you are doing? While it might appear natural, however in most cases your girl might just be trying to keep you in her everyday life. If your girlfriend was really done with you, she will not become that worried over you. You have to be very careful here because from being her temporary ex boyfriend you could wind up being her permanent friend - a position you truly do not want. Thus while not ignoring your girl completely (which you really cannot afford to do), you might want to maintain a healthy distance.

2. Is envious at your mention of other ladies
It is a good sign of her lingering interest in you if she reacts to certain things you do or say especially if she gets jealous whenever you talk about other girls. This indicates that she is not ready to fully let go of you yet, and still believes that you "belong" to her to a certain extent. However, you should avoid intentionally trying to get her jealous because she still has the upper hand and that you are not yet emotionally strong enough to start playing games with her.

3. Tries to get you to become envious
As though her getting green with envy is not enough, a sure hint that you are well on track to getting back your ex-girlfriend again is if you notice her planning to get you to feel envious by equally mentioning other guys. Unfortunately, a lot of guys wrongly interpret this as being a warning sign that she may have moved on. You have to really examine her body gestures during this period, more so if she has shown any hint of jealousy as aforesaid. Try to stay calm and calculated, as she will likely try harder with getting you to respond, thus disarming her.

4. Increased flirting with you
This is a simple sign that there is still some element of attraction between you and her. While these signs might seem like an open invitation to get back into the relationship, it is however better to give her some space. While the attraction still appears to be there, it is not enough to keep her, let her come to her own conclusion of your ability to provide what she wants. If you jump in too early, you risk blowing it all away.

5. Leaves "loose ends"
Just how much of her stuffs remain in your apartment? How come she continues visiting once in a while to pick up one thing or the other? Easy, by leaving a handful of her things in your place, she has some kind of open invitation to come back to your apartment routinely. Your girl is just not willing to allow you to leave.

If your girlfriend is showing some of these signals, plus your having a fairly good understanding of her body language, then you are surely a step closer to winning back your ex girlfriend.

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