6 Encouraging Signs to Ascertain if Your Ex Wants You Back

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Published: 22nd October 2012
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Following a separation, there's always this tendency that is exhibited by many people and that's the fact that a lot of them normally become curious about knowing whether their ex might still be interested in fixing the breakup with them. The indicative clues may at times be difficult to interpret, nevertheless by paying close attention to specific details you can be capable of making sense of and thereby knowing most of the encouraging indications that your ex-spouse may be exhibiting that shows you that he or she is still considering reversing the separation with you.

If you are not certain right now if your ex may still be desirous of you, then you don't have to fear as we examine some indications that signifies that your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend might probably still be serious about you.

1. Frequently Bumps Into You
If your ex has made it some sort of habit of regularly bumping into you and frequenting a lot of the spots you currently spend time, then there is just about every possibility that they are attempting to get closer to you once more.

2. Becomes Jealous
A good way to really know if your ex is still attracted to you is the fact that there is always this strong tendency of them becoming green with envy whenever they notice you around the opposite sex or if you are seeing another individual (however this isn't recommended if you are still interested in reversing the separation with your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend). They simply dislike thinking about the possibility that they may gradually be losing you to somebody else.

3. Attempts to Make Modifications
Any ex-girlfriend or boyfriend who is still thinking about you will try to make amends to parts of their lifestyles that might have been part of the cause of the break-up. They might quit an activity or a routine which they understand you used to be unhappy with. This is one very good sign you'll want to watch out for as it gives you a fairly good proof of their lingering need for you. They are actually attempting to tell you that they would like to return into your life in a much more constructive way by making these lifestyle and personal changes.

4. Frequently Makes Use of the "Us" Expression
Whenever an individual is still attracted to the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend it is usually difficult to stop referring to past times. They begin becoming fond of making use of the "us" phrase while they're recounting joyful memories of what happened during the past. Likewise, they find it difficult to finish an ordinary conversation without making use of the “us” phrase, be it as it may unconsciously.

5. Buys You Gifts
Do they get gifts on your special days and possibly those of your close family members they know? Do they readily agree to requests to go out with you? If they continue buying you presents, then it's a true signal that your ex-spouse still has some strong need for you.

6. Wants to and Holds You in a different way
Do you experience that special loving touch when your ex leans against you nowadays? Do they want to make avenues to reach you for no evident cause? If your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is actually fond of touching you just like they did before, then it is a very good signal they really want you back.

Needless to say, many of these signals alone aren't 100% full proof that your ex-spouse really wants you back but they are very good and trusted signals to look for nonetheless. Having said that, should you notice around three of these indicators coming from your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend while also appropriately decrypting his or her general body gestures; then you can be certain that your ex-spouse is still thinking about reversing the break-up with you.

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