Effectively Win Your Ex Husband Back Again by Using These 3 Awesome Strategies

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Published: 22nd October 2012
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Just as a number of other ladies who have previously found themselves in your present scenario, you could be asking yourself “just how on earth am I going to get back my ex husband?” Having said that, it is very important that you understand that you're not alone and that several lovers, contrary to popular belief, get back together each day. The key to succeeding in getting your ex husband back depends on you making use of the right approach through knowing what you should do and what not to do.

Women, due to their emotional composition often find it very difficult to process and get over a breakup. This does not in any way mean that men do not have emotional problems after experiencing a breakup but just that women are generally more likely to feel the hurt of a breakup especially if there are children in the failed relationship.

The fact of the matter is that many relationships might have been rescued if the lovers had taken the relevant remedial steps at the right moment. It is all too often the case that when marriages split up, the lovers simply try to make 1 or 2 feeble efforts at saving it and then stop trying. Whereas sometimes these efforts may be well intentioned, they just are not sufficient enough to save a failed relationship.

Without sounding cliché, the first thing to do after a breakup is to give each other some space. This is predicated on the fact that after a breakup, there is the general tendency of some amount of tension building up between both of you. Also, understand that your ex-husband might be feeling just as sad as you are because of the breakup, so give him some space to regain himself.

Under this edgy condition, anything at all you do or say and irrespective of what your goals may be, have a high chance of getting misunderstood and likely to make your man become a lot more worked up. Consequently, it is usually advisable to give each other some breathing space so as to relax and recover from the separation.

The second thing here would be for you to come to terms with the reasons behind the breakup. There is never a smoke without a fire burning somewhere and the same applies to a failed relationship as there must be some root causes behind its failure. This is where you need to retrospectively examine what it is you might have done wrong on your part and what he might have also done wrong that led to the breakup.

You should avoid being prejudiced at this point and endeavour to be as honest as possible since being able to effectively figure out a lot of these flaws and also making necessary amendments is very important towards improving your prospects of winning your ex-husband back again.

After carrying out the no contact rule with your ex-husband and equally after having objectively analysed and pinpointed several of the likely causes concerning why the marriage failed, the next thing will be to discover a way to get in touch with your ex husband and request for a get-together between both of you.

Apart from the observance of the no contact rule, most couples arrogantly expect the other partner to break the silence. Once you have recovered from the pain of the breakup through the observance of the no contact rule, you will not be losing face before your ex-husband if you call him and ask for a date with him. He will be more likely to assent to the date because he might be feeling that he now has an upper hand as you were the one who called him after you went incommunicado.

Arrange to meet in a neutral spot but you should permit him to make the final choice provided it is secure and fine with you. It cannot be overstressed that you have to be positive and well-comported in this first date after the separation. Following the banter, you have to seriously say sorry for all the distress you may have brought on him owing to the separation and you must do this irrespective of who caused the breakup.

Thereafter, in a calm, honest and direct manner, explain to him without necessarily placing any blame on him what you have discovered might have led to the relationship failing. Sincerely let him know that you would want both of you to give the relationship a second chance and that you are ready to put in your best to prevent the mistakes of the past from happening again. Then, give him time to reply accordingly without being coercive.

At this stage, he might choose to give a reply then and there or simply ask for a bit of time to go over all what you've informed him about. On the other hand, in the event that his reply is not good at first, do not give up hope. Bearing in mind all what you've successfully done, if he is still really passionate about you he'll surely like to get back together with you. Be positive and all will turn up well.

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