Get Over Your Breakup By Understanding These Five Post-Breakup Stages

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Published: 22nd October 2012
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The process of reversing the breakup with your ex after having a break-up could be made a lot easier and quicker if you can develop the courage to deal with your emotions. In spite of what you would think, the feelings a person goes through after having a break-up are very much like those experienced when a dearly loved one passes away. Grieving after such a loss is actually normal nevertheless the warning here is that you should not let the grieving to get beyond control.

Grieving, most of the time may develop into melancholy and whenever in a depressing state of mind, an individual becomes psychologically unstable in most cases. This mentality can worsen the situation when you're attempting to make up with your ex.

This article will be examining the 5 phases of grief and connect them to a breakup setting to better understand them and as a consequence make it through this period a lot quicker towards reversing the break-up with your ex-lover.

1. Denial
This is the very first phase an individual finds his or herself immediately after a separation. "I don't believe she really meant what she just stated"; or "I guess he is just annoyed with me owing to something that may have taken place earlier in the day and he will give me a call the instant he relaxes"; these and a lot more are generally things most of us try to tell ourselves.

Denying the reality of the breakup is usually caused by the devastation we experience at this point. Owning up to yourself that the separation has indeed occurred and that you're currently broken up with your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, is the only way to get past this stage.

2. Anger
It is normal to be irritated and also to start feeling some form of hatred towards your ex, other external factors or perhaps individuals, and at the worst, with yourself for the break-up. Your feelings usually will be running high now and therefore it cannot be overemphasized that you are mindful about the ideas of venting your frustration on your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Acknowledging that breakups take place in majority of relationships and that you cannot pin the blame on any particular person or even circumstance will assist you to pass through this anger phase easier.

3. Bargaining
If you arrive at a stage when you begin making proposals and entreaties to your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that you'll do this and that or... then you are certainly making steady progress in the grieving process.

Though you might be lured into making bargains with your ex, it is nonetheless essential for you to understand that this is not what's going to get you back together with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. The fact is this should be one thing you must refrain from at all cost if you are intent on fixing the breakup with your ex-lover.

4. Depression
The truth regarding separations is that the more fond of your ex you were, the more you're likely to feel the effect of the separation. However, it has to be stated here that being unhappy over a breakup is one thing and getting desperate is a totally different tale. When the effect of your breakup start impinging on your capability to complete regular everyday chores, then it's time for you to get specialist assistance.

5. Acceptance
The final phase of the grieving process is normally when you get to that point of coming to grips with the realities of the breakup. It's nevertheless necessary to note that on many occasions, a lot of people often think that they have reached this phase although they are still passing through one of the previous phases.

You'll need to be honest with yourself whenever performing a self-evaluation regarding the phase you're really in at every point of the grieving process. The earlier you're able to make it through this process, the sooner you'll be in a position to start the main process of fixing the breakup with your ex. offers great ex back resources for anybody who wants to quickly get his or her ex back. Click here for more top-notch and insightful tips such as the no contact rule to help you get your ex back.

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