Getting Pushy and its Impact on Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

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Published: 22nd October 2012
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Are you presently in a dilemma over your latest breakup with the guy you were seeing and contemplating the chances of your effectively getting back together with him? Though it is obvious that you are still seriously interested in your guy (if not there will be no reason to worry about getting back together with him), on the other hand there is something which you need to avoid by any means while you try winning back your ex boyfriend. And that is the fact that you should not become pushy.

The importance of this issue cannot be overemphasized as you attempt to win him back as being too pushy has a very high tendency of backfiring on you. First and foremost, you should understand that getting your ex-boyfriend back is not something that you accomplish overnight. The process requires a good amount of patience and careful planning on your part. Therefore, the urge to "quickly" get back together with your guy has to be kept in check.

The fact is that nearly all guys do not like the thought of being pressured even by their own male folks not to talk of their female counterparts. It is just simply an integral part of their character. Therefore, his response whenever you try being pushy with your reconciliation initiatives is such that it somewhat tends to make him to become edgy and feeling that he is being pressurized. All too often, the effect is that he will start pushing against your every attempt. Getting pushy only raises his opposition against your efforts to reconcile with him.

Therefore a wiser option would be for you to toll the path of caution and steadily work your way back into his life. Making use of a gentler and less pushy approach to reach out to your guy therefore gives you the best chance of winning back your ex-boyfriend.

The commonest blunder majority of ladies make when trying to get their guys back is that they continue phoning him all the time. It is just infuriating to a lot of men and to be truthful, it basically constitutes a nuisance. While you may give in to the pressure to talk to him and hear his voice and all of that stuff, you run the risk of losing him altogether. It is therefore highly recommended to give your boyfriend some space possibly to think about the separation or to give attention to his job following the break up.

When you go on constantly calling him in this way, what happens when you see him in person? Honestly, do not you think that he will be very annoyed with you for the way you have been pestering him with your incessant phone calls. If you are not careful, you might end up reducing the available channels of communication with him in the future. Obviously, you really need to think again before making that next call.

Let us face it, the worst aspect is that it makes you appear so frenzied and clingy and evidently no one likes anybody who is susceptible to such propensities. It is so uninviting and such a major turn-off which you have to try to avoid at all cost if you are seriously interested in getting your ex-boyfriend back.

Another common mistake which is often committed by most ladies during this period and which they need to be wary of is that of constantly arguing with their guys over the breakup. Arguments will only add more pressure on an already heated situation and achieves nothing. When you start arguing with him like this, you are essentially giving him more reasons why he should avoid coming back to the relationship.

You may have your proofs to strengthen your reasons but to what end are these being brought up? Are you attempting to convince him that he had been mistaken walking out on the relationship and so ought to come back into your waiting arms? Most of these quarrels will only make the problem a lot more distressing for you and you certainly do not want this type of scenario coming up when you are attempting to win your boyfriend back.

As a result, you have to tread carefully and thoughtfully examine the way you are presently going about attempting to get back together with your guy. Do your very best and avoid these blunders and you will considerably increase your odds of getting your ex-boyfriend back.

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