Should You Reconcile With Your Ex-Boyfriend or Move On

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Published: 22nd October 2012
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Moving forward with your life after a breakup with your guy can sometimes be a difficult task even when you may have been the person who did the break-up. Over time, you might start feeling somehow hurting and also lonely as a consequence of the breakup. At some point after, you may also start thinking of getting your ex-boyfriend back again.

Despite how difficult it might be for a lot of people to accept, the fact remains that certain relationships are actually better broken up. To start, the first question that needs to be answered here is whether or not you should be considering reconciling with your guy?

Is the time and effort you are likely to put into getting back your ex boyfriend seriously worth it. In addition, precisely what are your primary reasons for the speedy change of mind? Can it be because of the loneliness that you're currently experiencing? Do you in all honesty believe that you made an error and therefore you feel that you should get your ex boyfriend back?

Your resolve to break up with your guy would have been unpleasant but may have equally been the best one. Nevertheless, it is likewise necessary for you to seriously have a retrospective assessment of the major reasons and also the alleged minor ones which could have led to the separation with your boyfriend.

There is therefore the need for you to first of all fully understand and also be able to fully accept the reasons why you came to the final conclusion of breaking up with your guy. If after a reflective analysis you discover that your reasons appear sound, like if the relationship had been an abusive one, then it would be highly advisable to stick to your decision of breaking up with him. You are better-off this way than for you to allow the current emotional distress you may be going through make you to turn back on your earlier decision.

Deciding to reconcile with your guy isn't something to be handled lightly or hurried into. For a second time, the question is - exactly what are your principal reasons for wishing to reunite with him? Has he made any important improvement concerning the major reasons why you opted to get out of the relationship initially? Even when you notice a number of modifications, in many instances there's a propensity of you overstating the actual depth of these adjustments as a result of the growing desire inside you to reunite with him. My apologies, there is no cynicism intended here just basically the need to point out the facts.

Another thing which you must understand is that sometimes these apparent changes are just superficial. There is therefore the need to give yourself a bit more time to observe these changes and allow your decision crystallize over time. Obviously, there is the need for you to resist the compulsion of rushing back into the relationship.

If you get to a stage at which you genuinely believe that your decision of separating with your guy had been premature and that the relationship is in fact worth salvaging, then you may begin plans to get your ex boyfriend back. However, it is very important to realize that in the event that you where the one who proceeded to terminate the relationship then it's likely you have hurt your boyfriend in ways he may not be ready to talk about right now, and as a result you have to be cautious when attempting to get back together with him.

When the atmosphere between both of you becomes conducive enough to have a fruitful dialogue, you can then call him and kindly request to meet up with him. You need to be calm and rational during this meeting because your overall demeanour will go a long way in helping your points come across better. Also, you will need to come up with a very convincing but genuine explanation for your decision to breakup with him.

Let your ex-boyfriend understand that following the breakup, you've had some time to think about all that has happened and have realized that you made a mistake and also judged him wrongly. Tell him that you have come to appreciate how great you had been together as a couple and that you would truly want him to come back. Sincerely promise him that you are not going to make such blunders again and that you are willing to put in your absolute best to make the relationship a success if given another opportunity.

When you are done making your argument, take it easy and allow him to reach a conclusion concerning all you have pointed out. Frankly, his decision at this point cannot be assured. If however he decides that he cannot trust you and doesn't desire to get back together with you, just accept his decision like he accepted your own and move on.

Your man's decision right now may be predicated on the fact that he just doesn't want to cave in like that and may just want some time to re-evaluate most of what you've said before making a sound decision. Therefore, don't give up hope just in case his initial response was not good.

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