Sign to Know if Your Ex-Girlfriend is Still Crazy About You

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Published: 22nd October 2012
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Though the simple truth is that you might have separated with her, however there is every chance that your ex-girlfriend might still be seriously interested in you. Whenever a girl abandons you for another chap, it might in actual fact lead to lots of psychological and mental challenges in your life. However, in most cases your ex-girlfriend might still be in love with you but could be finding it challenging letting you know directly.

With that said, if you notice your girlfriend displaying any of the signs we will be discussing below, you can then to a certain extent be sure if your ex still loves you.

Sign 1: She frequently contacts you
Whenever out of the blue she starts keeping in touch with you and always inquiring regarding how you're getting along, then you are a fortunate man since this simply signifies that somewhere in your girlfriend's heart she somehow still has a thing or two for you. Having said that, do not take this opportunity to restart full conversation with her. You want to win back your ex girlfriend, don't you? For this reason, proceed cautiously and don't fall right into her ready arms. And man you are not that cheap! Be the alpha male here and allow your ex girlfriend's desire reach its summit, and you will notice that you will become more appealing to her.

Sign 2: Still has your things with her
Does your ex-girlfriend still have any memorabilia about you and the relationship in her possession? If it turns out she has, then your likelihood of getting your ex-girlfriend back just got better as this is also one of many positive signs she likes you. This is among the best signs you should look out for. In fact, if your girlfriend was sincerely done with you there ought to be no cause for her keeping such things close to her to always remind her of you. Your girl's having them basically shows that you are still in her life, whether or not it is only to a certain level.

Sign 3: Always bumps into you
You've "accidentally" ran into each other about 3 times this week alone. While this could just be an accident, it might equally not be. She probably just want to have an opportunity to see more of you. This could also be a way for her to make you remember her and probably so that you could notice the improvements she has made to herself recently - like her new hairstyle. Then again, she might just be bumping into you to find out if you have started seeing someone new.

Sign 4: Inquires about you from your close friends
If your close friends frequently notify you that your ex-girlfriend usually enquire about you and how you are doing, this may likewise be a good signal that she still cares about you. If these enquiries are concerning whether you are now seeing someone, or just flimsy questions regarding your social life generally, then you can definitely be rest assured that she's still interested in you.

Sign 5: Attempts to impress you
Whenever your girlfriend starts making moves or taking actions that give the indication that she is trying to impress you, then be sure that she is still likely hooked on you. If for instance, she knows that you always liked a certain sport maybe football, and all of a sudden you see her all dressed up at a football game (something which she had little or no interest in earlier), then know for certain she's trying to get your attention.

However, all of these signs are on their own not fail-safe, which means you need to be mindful in coming to a conclusion concerning her actual intentions. Therefore, you have to really be able to read her non-verbal communication. However, if you observe over three of these signals from her, then you may be certain that your girlfriend still has solid emotions for you.

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